A successful pilot site for the transition to Industry 4.0

SVA Jean Rozé is currently one of the main operators in the French meat market. The project delivered tangible and mesurable results:

  • 15% improvement in productivity (kg produced/hr)
  • Increased active supervision from 9% to 35%
  • Improved management depth index: 18% → 80%
  • 9% improvement in team mobilization
  • ROI of 1.9:1 in the first year

"UTrakk brings rigor and engages teams through indicators and solution-focused exchanges."

Olivier Mayen, Director of SAVIEL's Tain l'Hermitage site

Find out how they reached those impressive results using UTrakk. Download the case study.


2021-11-30 19_20_11-Case study - Agromousquetaires Tain LHermitage - UTrakk.pdf et 2 pages de plus -